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We started with an idea of democratizing angel investing and making startup investment as an asset class available to investors across the country and the globe. Now, we are onto creating the largest community of entrepreneurs and investors globally through education and technology. We want to create the world’s largest integrated incubator.

We want you to think of us first, whether you are starting up or looking to invest in a startup.

A Digital-First, community-based investment platform, our community members are a mix of corporate executives, founders and Investors who have been part of the startup ecosystem here and globally. Our vision is to build a global network of founders & strategic investors offering Funding, Business & Community.

In addition to our own ecosystem, we shall tie up with WFC and 5 other global accelerator/angel investor/VCs.


Rogue Opportunities will distinguish and put resources into new companies that have a versatile and practical plan of action and a solid and devoted group. Rogue Opportunities will be known to have north of a million investors’ network with a billion dollar of investments in high quality scalable businesses generating 25% or more CAGR in next 5 years.

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Together We Grow
We are determined to honour our commitments
We are a trustworthy and truthful tribe


Rogue Opportunities have active Partners & Professionals who supports early stage startups. They make positive impacts by giving the right backing.


Integrity in business is an essential ingredient for sustainable, long-term, business growth and success. We keep right thing in the right way; it means adhering to values strongly held. Investing in individuals with integrity, willpower, commitment and passion than those with a good business plan.


Trust plays a key role both in investors’ and entrepreneurs’ performances. It is built among others on a shared vision of entrepreneurship, as well as shared networks.

Global Community of Investors and Founders

Community makes the founders feel less alone and allows them to share the same challenges that they are going through. We will connect to the global community that will help with all the necessary ingredients to make your startup journey smooth and successful.

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